Bringing Intelligence to Heart Failure Fluid Management

The Reprieve System

The Reprieve System

The Reprieve System is a personalized intelligent decongestion management (IDM) solution for Acute Decompensated Heart Failure patients.*


Heart Failure is Common and Costly

8.5 Million

Patients a year are living with Heart Failure (HF) in the U.S. by 2030¹


Prevalence of heart failure in adults worldwide²

Significant Burden

Placed upon hospital resources and economics³

Congestion is the Major Cause of Heart Failure Hospitalizations



Percentage of heart failure hospitalizations due to volume overload or pulmonary edema.⁴
5+ Days

5+ Days

Average stay in the US for a typical heart failure patient.⁵
Days In Hospital

Real World Care in the US (2023)⁶

Starting Therapy

Average Length of Stay: 5.8 days

Average Weight Loss: 8.5lbs

Time on i.v. diuretic: 3.0 days


The Challenge

Today’s standard of care for heart patient fluid removal is diuretics

Diuretics were approved 60 years ago.⁷

Diuretics remain the primary treatment option today but are difficult to administer precisely without real-time information on individual patient response.⁸

Diuretic treatment requires careful balancing of the need for rapid fluid removal with potential kidney injury.

Without timely objective feedback, physicians are missing information needed to make efficient treatment decisions.

The lack of alternative treatment options has physicians doing what they can with what they have.

The Solution

Reprieve Cardiovascular is bringing intelligence to decongestion management to safely accelerate fluid removal for heart failure patients

Combines real-time patient data and proven technology with a novel, personalized approach, to diuretic management.

Provides physicians and care teams full visibility and control of therapy throughout treatment.